Paying for Your Glasses

Vision Plans

SF Optics works with Vision Service Plan (VSP), EyeMed Vision Care, Medical Eye Services (MES) and other vision plans. We do this in a unique way that provides the best care, product, service, and price to you. If you have any of these plans, you are automatically eligible for our Luxury Eyewear Plan (LEP) to match your benefits.

First, let’s clear up one myth – there is no such thing as eyewear ‘insurance.’ While these vision plans try to describe themselves as being an ‘insurance,’ notice that none of them actually have the word insurance in their names. That’s because they are simply group discount plans. They are not insuring their members but simply providing cheap products and services at ‘discounted’ prices. Providers of vision plans act as a middleman between the client and the plan, and the lenses are processed by the ‘insurance’ lab (lower quality and slower turn around – think Medicaid).

Unlike other vision plans, the Luxury Eyewear Plan allows you to get a unique selection of exclusive and high quality frame brands with lenses made by the world’s best lens manufacturers. They are processed and edged using state of the art equipment by highly trained lab masters, enabling you to receive the private pay quality your eyes and your luxury frames deserve.

If you already have another vision plan such as VSP or EyeMed, the Luxury Eyewear Plan will allow you to combine our benefits with theirs. This way, while you get the highest quality lenses and craftsmanship by going through our private lab, your out of pocket expenses are approximately the same as going in-network with the standard and most common vision plans, such as VSP’s Signature plan.

Here’s how it works when you purchase a complete frame with prescription lenses from SF Optics combining your vision plan with our LEP:

    – Copay: Waived
    – Frame: up to $100 off plus 20% off remainder
    – Lens Package: up to 20% off
    – Out-Of-Network Frame Reimbursement*: about $50+
    – Out-Of-Network Single Vision Lens Reimbursement*: about $50+
    – Out-Of-Network Progressive Lens Reimbursement*: about $100+
    – Additional pairs: 20% off 2nd pair and beyond
    – Frame OR Rx ONLY: 20% off

The best part is that filing for your Out-of-Network reimbursement is as easy as dropping off your invoice in the mail – we provide you with everything and the vision plans typically get your check to you within 1-2 weeks.

There are additional tips and tricks to save even more. E.g. If you wear contact lenses, instead of submitting for your $100 reimbursement, you can use your vision plan benefit towards your contacts purchase with a provider and get $130-$150 off instead. This way you save more and double up your benefits. Our staff can review your situation to work out the best way for you to maximize your savings.

Contact us here if you don’t currently have a vision plan and are interested in setting up an individual Luxury Eyewear Plan or if you’re interested in getting group plan rates for Luxury Eyewear Plan as a company benefit for your employees.

*Out-Of-Network reimbursement rates are based on typical standard plans and better. You may not be eligible for reimbursement if you have already used your benefits. Some lower discount plans may also not be eligible for out-of-network reimbursements, however in those scenarios, our Luxury Eyewear Plan usually exceeds your savings compared to going in network. We do not guarantee nor are we responsible for out of network reimbursement from your insurance since we do not directly work with the insurances and do not have access to your plan or benefits. Any information we provide related to price comparisons and reimbursements is based on typical situations, but is not necessarily fact in regards to your specific plan and benefits. It is your responsibility to be aware of the details of your benefits and no insurance related circumstances are a valid reason to refund your order.

FSA Flex Dollars

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), widely referred to as Flex Dollars, are eligible to be used towards prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and vision tests at SF Optics.

FSAs are plans implemented by employers that allow employees to pay for medical related expenses with tax free dollars pulled out of their paychecks. This includes visual necessities as well as other general medical necessities.

Potentially, thousands of dollars are sitting in your FSA waiting to be spent or else reabsorbed into your employers’ bank accounts if left untouched before their expiration date. Flex Dollars expiration dates are based on the employers tax year, and since most companies are on the calendar year, December 31st is the most common expiration date.

When your deadline quickly approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about where you want those dollars to go. Since the money is pulled out of paychecks before taxes, they accumulate tax free, but they are far from free of charge. No one likes to throw away their hard earned cash, and if you don’t spend your flex dollars, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Understandably, situations change. Maybe you had medication that you took and you don’t anymore, maybe you were being cautious in case a medical emergency arose but nothing unusual happened this year, or maybe your spouse/partner had enough in theirs to cover both of your expenses and now you’re left with the burden of spending all of yours last minute! The reasons for the leftovers are countless, but the ultimate situation is the same for each person: a need to spend what’s left, and quickly.

The money is only available for medical necessities so places available to spend are quite limited, and there are only so many bottles of Tylenol needed in a year. Regardless of the situation, right now is a great time to use that money to treat yourself to sensational vision with a new pair of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Vision is a vital necessity that many people overlook or don’t realize is covered by their FSA, but as long as glasses are made with prescription lenses, they’re considered a medical device.

A great place to take care of your visual needs is SF Optics. Not only do we provide great eyewear, but also a quality experience you won’t forget. Unlike private optical boutiques that don’t take insurance, SF Optics offers our very own Luxury Eyewear Plan, which matches individuals’ vision insurance plans. With the Luxury Eyewear Plan, instead of your eyewear being processed by the insurance lab, you get private pay quality.

Come and get styled by one of our friendly and knowledgeable opticians and walk away with firm knowledge that you’re getting private service, quality eyewear, and crystal clear lenses from a place that cares about fulfilling all of your visual needs.

Eyewear Insurance

SF Optics offers a unique option to insure your eyewear purchase called Eyewear-&-Tear Coverage.

For qualified purchases, Eye-Wear-&-Tear Coverage insures your frame one time within one year against non-warranty damage or loss. If either occurs, you can replace your frame and/or lenses for an identical pair at 50% off replacement value.

This insurance coverage costs 10% of the MSRP of the eyewear purchase, but if unused within the year, the 10% paid becomes store credit. So Eyewear-&-Tear Coverage essentially costs nothing to the insured.

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